Why Is Back Pain So Difficult to Treat?

Back pain can limit your ability to move around and participate in daily life. Unfortunately, there are many root causes of back pain. This problem is notoriously difficult to treat because it has numerous sources and affects everyone differently. 

Knowing your specific symptoms and sensations can help you seek the proper back pain treatments. Here’s what you need to know about back pain symptoms and relief. 

Different Kinds of Back Pain: Muscular, Neurological, and Spinal

Just like any other part of your body, your back is made up of different tissues. You have muscles, nerves, and bones that support your back. Any or all of these tissues may become injured, inflamed, or sensitive for various reasons. 

The Connection Between Spinal and Neurological Pain 

Your spine is the central hub for the nerves that go from the brain to the rest of the body. Any spinal injuries or dislocations can cause radiating nerve pain in your back. In some cases, you may even feel referred pain, which has a different source than where you feel it. 

Back Muscle Inflammation and Soreness

Like any other muscles, your back muscles can become strained, inflamed, stiff, and sore. This usually happens after car accidents, sports injuries, and heavy lifting. 

Identifying Your Pain 

The first step in seeking proper back pain treatment is identifying the type of pain you’re experiencing. Muscular pain tends to feel like stiffness and soreness. Nerve pain in your back might feel like burning, tingling, numbness, or sharp shooting pains. 

Once you identify what you’re feeling, you can seek the proper treatment(s) accordingly. Nerve pain responds to different interventions than muscular pain, but there are some common treatments between the two. For example, stem cell therapy has the potential to help both neurological and muscular pain and damage. 

Getting Relief from a Complex Condition 

Back pain isn’t simple, and it can feel like the road to relief is endless. Fortunately, there are many modern treatments that have promising potential for relieving your back pain. Whether it’s nerve-related or strictly muscular, there is hope for your condition. 

This post was written by a medical professional at Stemedix Inc. At Stemedix we provide access to Regenerative Medicine, also known as Stem Cell Therapy in Tampa. Regenerative medicine seeks to replace tissue or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues.